My music 2021-2022

This far...

There are quite a few songs I have recorded that waits to be finished and published. At the same time I create new songs. "Now and then it seems, I am living my dreams. And life is an everfloating stream". I guess that´s the trick, to keep the river floating - my flow in life. Here is Gunnar Frick playing pedal steel and also adding banjo to NEP.

Since the concert at Musikens Hus feb 2022 I´m writing more songs, but now in swedish. They´re more about my life in Majorna, my thoughts and everyday life. Some of them very undressed with few analogic instruments - my acoustic guitar leading the way.

And there is a new Martin entering my life "Whiskey Sunset" with a very solid base and fantastic sound streaming with plectrum. Today, feb 22, I´m recordning a new song, Izzy - vi hjälper ju varann när vi kan, with congas and 5 stringed viola. I´m not sure if it will be part in a full album or published as a single. 

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