A lucky man

A lucky man spelades in 2016 i Helkopters studio på Musikens Hus. Fem år senare färdig med

en häftig saxofon spelad av Love Nilsson. Erik Ivarsson elgitarr, Mathias Kündig bas,

Henrik Pilqvist trummor, Sven Jansson hammond och jag akustisk gitarr och sång.

1983 träffades vi, Anna och jag, och vi har fortfarande ett mycket bra liv ihop.

A lucky man

Oh, when she walked in there

Colouring the athmosphere, with love

In my head, all my worries vanished in the air

And you had a dog, a Bernese Mountain dog

Oh, when we went out that night

I was far from toungetied

But you asked me to stay the night

And  slept there beside you

So afraid of to make a fool of myself 

Afraid that this was all just a dream

´Cause when that girl I saw walking down the road

was looking back at me

I felt my heart go Boom! and beating faster than the fastest train

And today, some five Berneses later

She still moves mysterious ways

And I walk along beside her

Watching all the moves she makes

And, yes I am,

a lucky man

Oh yes I am,

a very lucky man