Born 1955 in Strängnäs, where I started my musical career with playing drums and singing in local bands. Moved on to study in Uppsala where I met new musicians and started writing my own songs.

Today I live in Majorna, Gothenburg, and it seems to me that my music grows with every new experience in life.

I run my business close to where I live. For the past 26 years I´ve built compostbins and spreading the message that we should be more self sufficient when it comes to growing our own vegetables, instead of importing.

That´s why I started the Kompostbutik.

It is not a profitable business, but I makes me rich in so many other ways. And now and then I get a little profit that I can invest in my music. Västfront Produktion is today also a recordcompany.

That´s the way I live, and hopefully will continue to live, the years to come. My songs are about my life and what I think is important to share with other people.

There is no budget for marketing my music other than through Facebook, to my friends. And hopefully they like the songs and spread them to their friends.

Anyway, if I didn´t record my songs, no one would ever have heard any of them. So, I guess I will carry on as long as the living water is willing to carry me.

Leif Strandh, September 2020