My music 2019

The Beaches gathered for some harmonies in the songs My darling son, Falling in disgrace and Lunatic parade. Eskilstuna july 2018, Skyline studio Brother Ove, his son Calle and my sisters son Niklas Strand.

I have a plan...and the he first part is now fullfilled.

I have released my album Time to stand up, with 9 new songs.

Together with this album I have produced a booklet, Made in Majorna, where the listener can get the same feeling I got when I looked at the sleeves from LP albums. Looking at the members of the group, read the lyrics and get a grip of the message within the songs.

Today we listen to so much streaming music, often from playlists, with maybe only the hits. By making this booklet I hope that you who listen to my songs will find that they´re in a context. The songs have a message:

It´s time to stand up

Part two? In progress.