Await their acoming


Seems I´ve always been

late blooming

But I know when the words come right

I´m blooming

So I wait, 

Await their acoming

There are lights ahead

My beacons in the night

But it´s hard to know

which one is the right one

So I wait,

Await their acoming

And I´ve got time

for reflection

and second thoughts

And since I´m not in a hurry

I will let things float

I let things float

Await their acoming

Sometimes there´s obsticals in the way

and that bothers me

And I struggle 

to get rid of them

But then the lights are gone

I´ve lost the lights

And their acoming

I have to try again

And listen to what cannot be heard

I focus on the headline news

My guitar on my knees

So here we go again

The train leaves the station

And I´m allowed

To climb right up and dance

And it seems the words

Yes it seems my words are acoming

Recorded at Jonas Franke Blom studio 2021. Me  lead vocal and acoustic guitar, Jonas Franke Blom cello and Daniel Austern violin.