Days like these

Grunderna till Day like these spelades in i Helikopters studio 2016 och färdigställdes maj 2022. Ting tar tid, ibland. Men så nöjd jag är med resultat!

Producenter Jonas Franke Blom och Sven Jansson

Elgitarr Erik Ivarsson, trummor Henrik Pilqvist, bas Mathias Kündig, Fioler Jonas Liljeström, pedal steel/dragspel Gunnar Frick, säckpipa Sven Jansson, piano Jonas Franke Blom, sång och akustisk gitarr Leif Strandh, dvs jag.


Thinking just the other day

That my life had past so fast and yet so slow

And my pictures that had fallen down

And the man that I was facing now - had grown 

I was listening to my voice

and the harmonies arising from my soul

And the old songs came back to me

And carried me as far as I could go

But my tears and my anxiety

where the fire to help this lonely soul to grow

The new the songs that I make up now

I present to you the only way I know

But oh, when I was feeling low 

I was clinging on to days like these

And oh, I had no place to go

Just awaiting for the signs to show 

Days like these

Days like these

Some of them ahead of me

Been so much in to drugs - I didn´t know that

But me I´m still learning how to crawl

Awaiting the morning light, to show

But since they´re all out of sight

I hope that they will find their paths tonight 

Oh - days like these

Oh - days like these