Go by train


Here I am, trying my best

To endure and stand the test

I won´t take no aeroplane

Cause my soul needs comfort,

I want to go by train

And there you fly, off to the sun

Holiday in a far-away-land

Living is easy in the fast lane

Living is easy but you

Should go by train

All I´ll ever ask of you

Also counts for me

But there´s one thing I can´t comprehend

Don´t you care for our children?

How do you respond to our children?

I guess I need strength to accept

all the things I cannot change

But still be couragious

and change what I can

And maybe we can agree on,

And maybe we can agree on,

And maybe we can agree on,

going by train

Let´s go by train

But we´ve got to build more rail

A common rail

Throughout Europe

Cause my soul needs comfort

Oh, yeah

Love och Ella i Helikopter studion