I still have got the right - to spend a night

En färd till Fårö 2015 min Berner Sennen, Gaya och jag, då jag skrev denna febriga sång. Mardrömmar där jag mötte lokala kändisar som undrade vad jag hade där att ställa. Jamen? Även om jag bara är besökare har jag väl ändå rätt att sova över här?Jorå, såatt... Jag tog för mig av det vackra, njöt de tre dagar turen varade och så blev det en låt.


I was visiting the island travelling north across the land

Where a ferryboat was waiting to contribute to my plan

I was driving through the evening

And awaiting the sign Skär

And the plastic bins that lay scattered in the sand

That´s where I landed

I found the hidden key to that solid wellbuilt house

Prepered for a bonfire in the fireplace outside

And a few beers later in the still quite night

I was tired but had to wait until the fire had burned out

And it was night, and getting cold, and I was all alone

But it felt right

Cold wind was blowing through the night

And in my dreams I was not feeling right

I was not a part of the scenary I was not a part of the land

Just a visitor among others trying to deal with their plan

Cold wind.....

When I woke up the next morning with a headace burning bright

And my sleepy dog was looking at me. Hey, are you alright?

A heartless sun was burning when the dream came into light

And I laughed out loud by the sandy shore

cause I knew the dream was right

I´m just a visitor. But I still have got the right, to spend a night

Yes I still have got the right, to spend a night

Yes and I, yes and I, spend some nights there

And it felt right, on the second night.

When I wrote this song, yeah, I wrote this song