What a way to go


I tell you a story about a friend of mine,

who was climbing up the downpipes, in an American town

His ways so vivid and full of life, 

but today I can see,  it was never ment to last

We played and we lived all the American songs.

drinking beer and having fun, all night long

While you joined the media, I studied hard,

to become what I believed

never would take me far

While I got lost, you moved forward,

no matter the cost

My sister called me up,

there was a newspaper add

I picked it up, and it made me oh so sad.....

I read about the early death of an editor,

a girl had lost her keys, but her balcony door...

You must have been surprised,

when you were falling down

Falling down the downpipes

in an American town

I say what a waste, what a way to go

So many years have passed, but then one day

I happened to met your mother in a very odd way

I could see she was wondering

how you would have looked today

And me alive feeling her pain 

A mother should never outlast her child

I don´t know, but it strikes me now,

about right or wrong,

That I´m alive to tell the story

and make up this song

But I say, what a waste, what a way to go