You are alive


When you wake in the morning and you feel alright

And your body awakes and you follow the light

And your feet will follow you down the road

And your voice will call out hidden notes - ´cause you´re alive

     It´s the first step, do not ever think twice

         ´Cause you my friend, are full of lies

             But it the morning light there no guaring crew

              Just the song you sing and it´s oh so true -

                ´cause you´re alive


                 You´re alive - cause you serve the purpose right

                 And you have come alive in the morning light - yeah

                 Yeah, you´re alive cause the world is spinning round

                  And even you can make up a perfect sound -

                  when you´re alive

                   So follow me down that ancient road

                   And throw away that heavy load

                   There is no need for drugs to show you the way

                  There´s no shortcuts, for you today -´cause you´re alive

                    Yeah, you´re alive ´cause you serve the purpose right

                    You´re alive cause you´ve finally seen the light,yeah

                                           You´re alive

                                            cause the world is spinning round

                                            And it keeps on spinning with your                                                      perfect sound - when you´re alive          

Denna sång spelas in med Sven Jansson och Jonas Franke Blom som producenter. Medverkande musiker är Sven Jansson på würlitzer och Jonas Franke Blom på piano, Henrik Pilqvist trummor/elgitarr och Mathias Kündig, bas. Och så jag på el- och akustisk

gitarr. All alive and kicking!