Text Save the whales


Oh, so gentle, how majestic

The giants glided through the water

A haven safe to live and thrive in

They lived as kings, wild and free

Still their song can be heard

Like an echo from the past

An echo from a world now changing fast

Now we´ve got to save the whales

And we can save ourselves

We´ve got to save the whales

And maybe that´s a way to save ourselves

A dignity and strength no man can messure

In the sea we all came from

Evolution shaped our bodies differently

Yet the bonds still remain

Trusting, they let us dive among them

And even touch their skin

And even coming close enough to kill

Now we´ve got to save the whales...

I see dolphins drowning in a tuna net

And I see whales harpooned in arctic seas

I see pictures from a satellite

of a planet in dispair

Are we blind? Don´t we care?

Are they the bearer of a message

Of a world that used to be

Maybe we can learn again to listen

And live in harmony

We got to save the whales...

Cyndee Peters

Eric Bibb

Charles May Gospel


Photos Ove Strand