Stand up for democracy


Well, I heard you say just the other day

You were tired of democracy and its slow pace

You had found someone to put the blame on

Foreign people, so in need of our aid

You know I´ve read the books of the great world wars

And how people longed to march off to war

But while cannons roared and bellies were cut,

manipulated souls were waking up

I can see the same thing happening now,

the signs are there, so where are you tonight?

I said come on now, let´s get this right,

democracy is really worth fighting for, yeah fighting for

I know the air has changed since yesterday

But a creeping change can make way for the beast again,

and I don´t want that happening

Stand up for democracy

Listen up, I´ve got something to say

Your fake news no more leads me astray

I´ll make way for my fellow man

Together, we can build a common land

Where birds and bees invade the land

And we grow plants and spread our seeds around,

I said come on now, let´s get this right

Democracy it really worth fighting for, yeah fighting for

With borders closed in every land,

Don´t you see it´s not in line with nature, no never

Stand up for democracy

Yeah, stand up for democracy

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