Trying to make a living

Trying to make a living,

performed live at

Café Hängmattan sept 2019


I´m a full grown man with two strong hands,

and I make up music

and care for my plants

My kid is grown and my wife is strong,

but I miss my dog now that she is gone

And I picked up the trail from so long ago

When the music played through my mind

When I listened hard to try and understand

their sound - and my own sound

I rented a place in my neighbourhood

I built bins to compost leftover food

The Majorna folks were ready to roll

And to rock those worms to fertilize the soil

And then people started growing

in their own backyards

And the words spread out through the land

You can close a local circle by growing plants,

by growing

And I´m listening to that blackbird

when the evening falls

Filling up my senses and I behold

The beauty of the changing seasons

And I ´m a part of it all!

And I´m trying to make a living

out of my own two hands
And the magnitude of feelings, so close at hand

And making up this song seems to fit the plan

Like this is the way I am!

That´s the way I live and the way I will die.

I will make up music that takes me high

And my path don ́t seem that hard to climb.

But I guess it will take me a lot of time

But who cares when you ́re dealing

with your own time
And it ́s you, who pay the price
For success or a new experience in life.

This is my life!

And I ´m listening...